Visiting Lecturers

Ir. M. Ali Ashat, Dipl. Geothermal Tech.

He was graduated from Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB in 1998. In November 1998, he was accepted as the student of Geothermal Institute, the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Upon his return he continued to work and conduct research in Geothermal Laboratory, Petroleum Engineering Department of ITB. He is been involved in various tasks regarding geothermal development such as reservoir simulation, geothermal software development and also regulations for geothermal.

He is now a visiting lecture in Geothermal Magister Program, ITB. He teaches reservoir simulation, utilization and economics of geothermal development.

Hendro H. Wibowo ST. MSc.

Graduated from Geology Department of ITB specialization in Geophysics (in 1997) gave him an opportunity to work as an Exploration Geophysicist in an International Company for Mineral Exploration. There, he gained many experiences in computers, data base management, data processing and networking. He is a multi talents person. In 2003, he got a scholarship to advance his knowledge in Geophysics and Remote Sensing at ITC in the Netherlands. His multi talent skills help Geothermal program running smoothly. He is now one of visiting lecture in the Program. He is teaching remote sensing for exploration as part of the course. He is also maintaining the computer systems to work properly. He also have been involved in various research and project related to Geothermal Exploration and Development.